Singer Soyou heralded the return of the "voice color goddess."

On April 24, Soyou released teaser videos of her new mini-album Day & Night's songs "Feat. Jukjae" and "Some 2 (Feat. Jung Yong-hwa)" on her official SNS.

In the video, Soyou is spending a leisurely daily life feeling the wind on the lawn. Soyou captivated the ears of viewers at once by revealing some of the melodies of "Feat. Jukjae" with her innocent visual and sweet voice.

In "Some 2 (Feat. Jung Yong-hwa), like a song filled with a refreshing and bright atmosphere, Soyou also transformed into a lively appearance, showing a beautiful visual full of spring.

On the 25th, teaser videos of "If You Know" and "Tree (Feat. DAVII)" were unveiled. In "If I Had Known," which began with a calm and emotional melody, the deep eyes and seductive beauty of possession were emphasized, and a mournful voice decorated the ending, leaving a deep lingering impression.

In "Tree (Feat. DAVII), Soyou's appearance, which transformed into a fascinating shape to fit the warm jazz ballad genre based on Bossa Nova rhythm, caught the eye.

In particular, the teaser video heralded the birth of a song with a unique tone of Soyou's voice.

"Day & Night" is an album about emotions that come to mind from dawn to day and night. It will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 27th.

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