Singer Solji successfully finished her first solo concert with "First Letter" held at Baekam Art Hall on April 9 and 10. Solji's concert, which presented unforgettable memories with higher-quality performances to repay the audience who constantly visited the concert hall despite the postponement of the schedule due to COVID-19, was full of emotion and warmth.

Solji, who came on stage with the narration, said, "Remember me." The concert opened with OST songs that drew heated attention such as "My Heart" and "Lean on the Wind." The audience applauded Solji's voice, which was so sweet and powerful that the modifier "emotional person" was not a waste.

In addition to the OSTs of "One Person," "One Day," and "Consolation," Solji selected "Pillow" and "Have a Good Day," which are songs from the mini-album "First Letter" released this year, expressing her deep emotion. In addition, he also performed cover stages featuring masterpieces such as "I'll never love again," "Leave the door open," "Dreaming" and "Being There" in his own color.

A congratulatory relay was also followed by a special guest who attended Solji's first solo concert. On the 9th, singer Kim Bum-soo, who met Sol-ji with "Immortal Songs," appeared to complete a fantastic harmony, and on the 10th, EXID members attended the performance of "Up and Down," "Lie" and "Hot Pink," followed by enthusiastic cheers and applause from fans.

Solji, who introduced the audience's stories and even sang the song request on the spot, said, "I've been very depressed and upset because the performances have been pushed back several times so far, but I'm truly grateful to you for coming here. I will continue to be a proud singer who sings songs that can comfort and be a gift. I think today will be an unforgettable day," he said. In particular, in the ending stage "At the End of the Season," Solji's tears of gratitude for the audience made him feel his sincerity.

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