"Confession," starring So Ji-seop, Kim Yoon-jin, and Nana, was selected as the closing film of the 24th Udine Far East Film Festival.

According to investment distributor Lotte Entertainment on April 22, the film "Confession" (director Yoon Jong-seok) was selected as the closing film of the Udine Far East Film Festival after winning the best director award in the weekly director category at the Fantasporto - Portugal's top three fantasy international film festival.

The 24th Udine Far East Film Festival, which will be held in Italy from April 22 to 30, is a film festival that introduces Asian films, and has introduced prominent Korean works such as Save from Evil, Namsan's Managers, 1987 and Crime City. While various Korean works have been invited to draw attention this year, "Confession" has been selected as the closing film along with Nominee in the best screenplay category, drawing attention.

Sabrina Baratchetti, executive chairman of the Udine Far East Film Festival, said, "Confession is a clever piece that constitute and destroys viewers' judgments through plot twists and twists, and plays freely with the hearts of the audience. So Ji-seop and Kim Yoon-jin's close psychological warfare will constantly stimulate the audience's senses until the end of the movie, adding to expectations for the award of the best screenplay award to be announced on the 30th.

Confession is a movie about a promising businessman named Yoo Min-ho, who was cited as a suspect in a secret room murder case, and Yang Shin-ae, a lawyer with a 100% winning rate who tries to prove his innocence, as they work together the pieces of the hidden case.

So Ji-seop, who challenged the thriller genre for the first time in his life, was Yoo Min-ho, a suspect in the murder case, and Kim Yoon-jin, a thriller queen, broke up into Yang Shin-ae, a lawyer who will prove Yoo Min-ho's innocence, signaling overwhelming suspense. Nana, who is proving her presence with her excellent acting skills, plays Kim Se-hee, who holds the key to the incident, and Choi Kwang-il, who has shown solid acting experience across the media, plays Han Young-seok, who seeks another truth in the incident.

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