An official sign has been installed at the SM ENTERTAINMENT SQUARE located in the center of Los Angeles (hereinafter LA).

"SM Entertainment Square" is a name referring to the 6th Street and Oxford Avenue intersection in downtown LA, and a sign was set up at the location on April 28 (local time), and a message introducing producer Lee Soo-man as a pioneer of the Korean Wave and global K-pop phenomenon is also drawing attention.

Earlier in October 2020, the LA City Council named "SM Entertainment Square" to honor the achievements of SM and producer Lee Soo-man in the global music market as well as their contribution to promoting Korean culture in LA.

In addition, "SM Entertainment Square" adds meaning to the first name of a Korean entertainment company in symbolic U.S. street names such as New York Times Square.

Meanwhile, producer Lee Soo-man is the founder of SM and the representative producer of the global K-pop syndrome. He won the first "Youngsan Diplomatic Award" in 2017 in recognition of his achievements in the Asian market.

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