Group Seventeen expressed their sincerity to fans around the world.

On the 4th, the agency Pledis Entertainment released a ring ceremony video titled "SEVENTEEN NEW RINGS CEREMONY : The Sun Rises" on SEVENTEEN's official YouTube channel.

The video begins with Joshua's narration, "I'll tell you our story from now on" as the sun rises in the dark. Starting with the 13 members gathered in the practice room, unforgettable memories unfolded, including the moment they first met CARAT (fandom name), the moment they won the first place, and the ring, which is proof that they have been running nonstop.

"It was Carat who allowed us to endure without giving up even when we fell into a lonely and deep trap. I always feel grateful to CARAT for participating in our "Youth's Journey," which runs endlessly toward dreams and goals. We were able to move forward because CARAT was by our side," he thanked CARAT.

Finally, SEVENTEEN's fifth ring appeared and said, "Now we're going to get out of the shadow that locked us up and head for the sun. I believe this road to Carat will never end," adding curiosity to SEVENTEEN's new story that will begin again.

The ring has a special meaning for SEVENTEEN. The "SEVENTEEN Ring" is a ring that was selected and awarded as an official member of SEVENTEEN in 2015, and is an object that symbolizes SEVENTEEN. Every time SEVENTEEN releases a full-length album, their rings are also changing.

On the 15th, Seventeen will release its first English single and start targeting the global music market in earnest. The English single is a pre-release song of the fourth full-length album to be released in May, and the "TEAM SVT" (Team Seventeen) project, in which Seventeen and Carat become one, will be held.

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