Group SEVENTEEN expressed its warm sincerity with its first English single "Darl+ing." On the 15th, SEVENTEEN pre-released the song and music video of its first digital English single "Darling" ahead of the release of its fourth full-length album in May.

"Darl+ing" is a pop genre song with minimal and addictive chorus and unique vocal synth sound. At a mini-meeting collaboration with Apple on the 7th, Seventeen described "Darl+ing" as "the crystal of soft new pop" and introduced it as "easy to listen to."

SEVENTEEN has been promoting "self-made idol" since their debut. "Darl+ing" was also created by self-production. Woozi, a vocal team leader and album producer, and singer-producer Bumzu participated in composing and writing lyrics.

"Darl+ing," which contains SEVENTEEN's warm gaze, is a word that calls for love and a special existence, and also means "special you and I meet and become completely one as us." The message, "It's important to be one" while sharing your sincere heart with your loved one, contained a frank wish that everyone around the world with Seventeen would unite as "we" and become one complete being.

The music video released together contains Seventeen, who first encountered the symbol and shadow of worries hidden inside the peaceful Neverland world full of light. I was afraid of my inner shadow, but I couldn't escape, but it was possible with 13 people together.

As all 13 shadows gathered, the shadows grew bigger and turned into shadows, and another world unfolded in front of them, and Seventeen's new story began. The video with a reversed atmosphere is said to be followed by the fourth full-length album to be released in May, raising expectations.

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