The first English single "Darling" by the group "SEVENTEEN" is cruising on the global music chart.

According to his agency Pledis Entertainment on the 16th, "Darling" ranked first in 34 countries/regions and top 10 in 46 countries/regions on overseas iTunes song charts, and also topped real-time charts on Japanese music sites Line Music and mo-mu.

In particular, foreign music media such as Billboard in the U.S., Rolling Stone in the U.S., and NME in the U.K. paid attention to the collaboration between Seventeen and Apple.

"Darling" is a pre-released song from the fourth full-length album to be released in May and contains a new story that I want to tell CARATs around the world (fandom name). The addition symbol (+) is added to the word that calls for a love and special existence, meaning "special you and I meet and become complete one as us."

Meanwhile, Seventeen was the first K-pop artist to participate in the project "Today at Apple Remix Session" in collaboration with Apple.

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