Group SEVENTEEN (S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, Dogyeom, Seungkwan, Vernon, Dino) appeared on "MTV Fresh Out Live" to convey warm emotions.

Seventeen appeared on MTV Fresh Out Live (MTV Fresh Out Live), a famous U.S. music program broadcasted on the 15th (local time), and unveiled the performance stage of the digital single "Darling" for the first time. This is Seventeen's third appearance on "MTV Fresh Out Live."

SEVENTEEN appeared in the space where empty chairs were placed and delivered warm emotions with a sweet voice, showing the definition of "SEVENTEEN sensibility." They made it impossible to take their eyes off the fantastic performance of 13 people like the "representative players of K-pop performance."

"Darl+ing" is a pre-released song from the fourth full-length album to be released in May, and it expresses a new story that you want to tell CARATs around the world (fandom name) with Seventeen's own emotions, making it feel more authentic. It is a word that calls for a special being that we love, and by adding an additional (+) sign, it means "special you and I meet and become a complete one as us."

"Darl+ing," a song that feels warm as it contains affectionate eyes toward the opponent, is a pop genre song that features minimal and addictive chorus and unique vocal synth sound. The lyrics compare the warm gaze toward everyone who is together and the meaning of "we become completely one only when we are" to the process of love.

SEVENTEEN, the "replaceable K-pop leader," topped Line Music and mu-mo, a major Japanese music site, upon the release of "Darl+ing." In addition, it hit the global music charts, ranking in the top 10 countries/regions in 46 countries/regions, including 34 countries/regions, including Singapore, the Philippines, Egypt, and Indonesia.

Major overseas music media such as Billboard in the U.S., Rolling Stone, and NME in the U.K. also focused on Seventeen's first English single "Darl+ing," paying attention to Seventeen's brilliant performance last year and their collaboration with Apple, realizing their hot global popularity.

SEVENTEEN was the first K-pop artist to participate in the project Today at Apple remix session in collaboration with Apple. The remix session will start in Apple Myeong-dong on the 15th and be held at Apple stores across the Asia-Pacific region, and will be expanded to U.S. stores.

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