Singer SE7EN has released his single "MONALISA."

In July last year, SE7EN, which drew attention by releasing a Korean version of its own song "Mona Lisa," an English version of the song, and an English version of the music video as NFT and Profile Picture (PFP) NFT, released its single "MONALISA" at 12 p.m. today. on various music sites.

SE7EN participated in writing and composing the song and consists of two tracks, including the title song "Mona Lisa" and the English version "MONALISA" for global fans.

"Mona Lisa" is a funky pop song that combines dynamic baselines, guitar riffs, and cool and cheerful drums, and is completed by adding lyrics that describe the moment of encountering the Mona Lisa in the museum, various progressions and melodies across minor and major, and sweet SE7EN's vocals.

In particular, the song "Mona Lisa" was released through NFT for the first time as a celebrity, and on February 7, the first minting conducted as a whitelist in the Seven Mood NFT project together was sold out in 14 seconds, proving global popularity.

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