PSY's title track "That That (prod. & ft. SUGA of BTS)" released on the 29th topped the iTunes Top Song charts in 70 countries and regions, including the U.S., Japan, and Canada.

It also topped the charts for top albums in Indonesia, Singapore, and Taiwan, and also proved its presence in Apple Music by reaching the top of the charts evenly around the world.

Upon its release, PSY began its activities for "ssada 9" with a passionate stage. KBS 2TV's music program "Music Bank" and Naver NOW. "#OUTNOW" announced their first comeback in five years by showing colorful performances.

The title song "That That" topped the real-time charts of major domestic music sites Genie and Bugs on the morning of the 30th, and settled at the top of the Melon TOP 100. In Bugs and Genie, all 12 songs, including title songs, entered the top ranks.

In particular, the music video, which was co-produced by BTS Sugar with Psy and appeared in person following the featuring, has currently exceeded 18 million views and is rapidly increasing. Psy and Suga's special chemistry, which surpassed the 16-year-old age gap, has been receiving favorable reviews as they target the tastes of global music fans.

"That That" caught the eye with a variety of performances on the comeback shows of "Music Bank" and Naver NOW. Psy gave off an overwhelming swag that made various places such as squares, stairs, practice rooms, and rooftops into his stage from the PNATION office building and KBS.

In addition to "That That" through the comeback show, a total of four performances were also released, including the tracks "9INTRO," "GANJI (Feat. Jessie)" and "Now (Feat. Hwasa)." Psy set the stage for the festival with four exciting songs in the album. In particular, Jessie and Hwasa appeared in "GANJI" and "Now" performance videos, respectively, providing more hip fun.

In addition, Psy introduced each track with affection, and shared interesting behind-the-scenes stories through comments from Suga, Sung Si-kyung, Heize, Jesse, Hwasa, Crush, and Tablo, who worked together. Psy said, "ssada9 is an album that has everything I can do. If you don't be picky and listen to tracks 1 through 12, you'll feel the space between the lines."

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