Ive, who has a confident charm in her new song, will start her second activity with strong confidence.

Ive (Yujin, Autumn, Ray, Wonyoung, Liz, and Iseo) held an online and offline showcase for the release of their second single "LOVE DIVE" on the afternoon of the 5th. The members said, "This single contains a confident and independent message that only Ivee can show. I'm confident that you'll be able to feel our charms in all aspects of music styling and choreography."

"LOVE DIVE" is an album with a confident and outspoken charm that calls for jumping in whenever you have the courage to love. It not only melted the identity of Generation Z itself, Ive, but also emphasized a more colorful and sophisticated image.

The members said, "Dive is the name of Ive's fans. It means to fall in love confidently and to love Dive, he said. "I tried to live up to expectations and to make Ive's own clear and distinct color," and "This album is a cool breeze." When I listen to the song, I feel cool in the wind. Also, I think it would be good to create a new wind in K-pop."

The title song of the same name, "LOVE DIVE," is a dark modern pop genre song with addictive chorus and percussion sound. He expressed Cupid of a new era with confident and outspoken lyrics such as "Come in and check with your own eyes" and "Dare to jump in if you want." The visual and performance of "Z Generation Wannabe" Ive shines on the stage like a runway.

The members "tried to meet expectations and prepared to create Ive's own clear and distinct color," and "The whole thing is the killing part." Still, the dance break, which is the first part to show in the chorus, is a part to pay attention to. The point choreography is a mirror dance and a diving dance," he explained, "I used the yacht arrow wings as an object in the music video, which expresses the cupid of the new era in 2022.

"Royal," a track in which members Fall and Ray participated in rap making, is a pop dance song that expresses Ive's colorful and sophisticated charm. The groovy and funky house-type baseline feels like showing off the catwalk of the fashion show, and the smooth and soulful synth sound provides elegant and intense energy.
With his first single "ELEVEN," Ive, who has emerged as a "global super rookie" at the same time as his debut, is expected to create an "Ive Syndrome" once again through this new album.

Ive said, "I was able to do well because you sympathized with the message I wanted to convey beyond language. I haven't had many opportunities to communicate with overseas fans, so I'm amazed and grateful for their popularity abroad. I also watched the dance challenge. Seeing you enjoy it in various ways gave me a lot of strength, he said. "I want to prove once again the modifier of a complete group, and I hope you will do a lot of challenges this time."

Ive will release its new single "LOVE DIVE" at 6 p.m. on the same day and start its activities.

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