The issue of military service obligations surrounding the group BTS (BTS) is hot every day. In a situation where there is a sharp conflict between the claim that those who are promoting national prestige through all-time global moves should be subject to military service exceptions, and that "military service is mandatory," the new defense minister candidate said, "Careful review is needed."

In a written answer to Min Hong-chul, chairman of the National Defense Committee, on the 20th, Defense Minister nominee Lee Jong-sup replied, "We need to consider the fairness of military service and the reduction of military service resources."

BTSA revision to the Military Service Act, also known as the BTS Military Service Special Act, was introduced to the National Assembly's National Defense Committee in November last year, but the passage was temporarily suspended due to conflicting pros and cons.

However, attention was drawn to whether or not the new policy committee chairman Sung Il-jong, Sung Il-jong, will complete the related discussions in April, as he said, "BTS is fully qualified for alternative service," drawing keen attention."

During a telephone interview with YTN Radio "Issue & People" on the 11th, Sung said, "It is seen as a loophole in the law that ( BTS) has not been exempted from military service so far despite raising its national status and national prestige.

Representative Sung also said, "We have decided (the medalists for the Olympics or Asian Games) and decided (the special targets for military service)," adding, "We are discussing whether to catch culture and arts based on the state-recognized warm-up." In fact, I would like to say that there have been many discussions on these areas among lawmakers.

The interview drew attention as it was a kind of "reply" after BTS's agency Hive's "BTS Permission to Dance the City" meeting in Las Vegas on the 9th (local time).

At the meeting, when asked about BTS, the CCO said, "As the issue of artist military service has become a global concern, it seems that social and the National Assembly have decided to some extent," adding, "I hope it will be settled in this National Assembly." "If the National Assembly is reorganized in the second half of the year, discussions without promise will continue, but it is true that this uncertainty is causing difficulties, so I hope we can conclude it as soon as possible."

BTS It was the first time that the agency made a position on the military service issue, so there has been a heated debate over it since then. In particular, the members' stance of "doing their defense obligations" remains unchanged, but as they have delegated their remarks on related positions to the company, the company wanted to reach a conclusion as soon as possible in any direction.

However, the new defense minister nominee's answer has not advanced from the Ministry of National Defense's original answer, which has already been mentioned several times, dimming the possibility of BTS's military service exemption.

It is heating up as the timing of the bill's handling of the controversial "BTS Military Service Special Act" approaches. Based on the fact that BTS won 17 Billboard Hot 100 titles, the American Music Awards (AMAs) Grand Prize, and the first Grammy Award nomination for Korean pop music, BTS should enjoy the same benefits as long as there is a special military service for cultural artists.
Under the current law, the field of becoming an art agent is limited to pure art such as classical music, dance, and Korean traditional music, and there is a considerable interpretation of discrimination against popular art, so it is argued that popular artists need a legal basis.

In fact, in a survey conducted by Gallup Korea on 1,004 people aged 18 or older on the 5th to 7th, 59% said it should be included in the special case and 33% said it should not be included. In addition, when Realmeter asked 500 people aged 18 or older across the country on the 14th whether they would approve of BTS' alternative service, 65.5% said yes and 30.2% said no.

The opinion that popular artists are being discriminated against as they are fundamentally excluded under the current military service law and that BTS's actions are sufficient to be included in the special list is statistically dominant.

Nevertheless, as long as Article 39 (1) of the Constitution ('all citizens are obligated to defend as prescribed by law') exists, there are considerable criticisms of whether they should be "exempted" by revising the law. BTSSome say that compensation for the promotion of national prestige, which has been understood, can be provided in other ways such as discipline and packaging, not military service exemption.

Even if the music awards ceremony, which is recognized for its authority in the world, is set as the standard for selecting art personnel for popular artists, evaluation and judgment on whether the award is global popularity or musicality are also ambiguous. This is more so from the perspective of revising the Military Service Act, not simply discussing whether to exempt BTS. Now, even if the Ministry of National Defense, which is lukewarm about the revision, accepts the revision and discussions on setting specific standards for the specialization of popular artists are underway, it will be difficult to finish it in April.

Born in December 1992, BTS's eldest brother Jin had to join the army in December last year. However, as the Military Service Act was revised in June last year, he applied for a postponement of his enlistment, and as a result, he will be able to work until December 31 this year.

If the "BTS Military Service Special Act" is not passed, members will inevitably join the military sequentially depending on their age, and considering the age difference between the eldest brother Jin and the youngest Jungkook born in 1997, it will be difficult to meet the seven-member BTS for up to five years.

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