Singer and musical actor Park Hyo-shin is in legal dispute with his agency Glove Entertainment.

Park Hyo-shin recently said on the Soul Tree bulletin board, "The settlement, which has been delayed little by little, has not been able to receive the concert settlement, and for the past three years, he has not received the music revenue and exclusive deposit. I tried hard to solve the situation as smoothly as possible, but only the waiting time was repeated and prolonged," he confessed.

"Unlike my prayer and my expectations, things didn't get better and I finally decided that I couldn't be with my current agency anymore. I hated and hated myself for being in this situation again, so I was locked up all day with such immature and stupid thoughts that I might not be able to put everything down and stand in front of you."

He added, "As I waited a long time, I wanted to greet the trees with a welcome album first, but I think I will meet them first in the musical because there are still problems to be solved. I really hope that I will be able to play the songs that I have been making for the past few years dreaming of meeting the trees, he said. "I will pray that I will be with you with a smile on the day I face the trees."

It is the second time that Park Hyo-shin has entered a legal dispute with his agency. Park Hyo-shin, a member of Jellyfish Entertainment before moving to Glove Entertainment, dropped the appeal on September 22, 2016, eight days before the appeal hearing, in order to focus only on future music activities.

At the time, Park Hyo-shin said, "It's a choice to focus on music activities, and I'll do my best to show good albums and performances. We apologize for making you worry."

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