'Our Blues' is a Korean tvN drama scheduled to air from April 9, 2022 to June 12, 2022. The drama is a cheer for all life that stands at the end, peak, or beginning of life.

There is no life to be cheered on, but just being alive at this moment is sometimes too much, not a blessing, so the artist wants to cheer for the life itself as much as he wants to be happy!

Ok-dong in his mid-70s who couldn't say a word of kindness to her only son (Dong-seok)

Dong-seok, who is a soloist in his early 40s who has only one truck and a square temper, sent his husband and three children first, and Chun-hee in his early 70s, who proves that he is a sin that proves that he lived long

Eun-hee, a single in her late 40s who was told that she was always proud of her brothers while preparing fish for twenty hours a day

Sun-ah, who returned to her hometown of Jeju after getting divorced, went to college alone in a poor family, but still had a salary man's life, a daughter who dreams of becoming a golfer, but had a hard time supporting her

Young-ok, who doesn't want to go out with anyone, is not afraid to live as a female diver, but he is not afraid to go out with anyone, and even to Jung-joon, who said, "I'll protect my family and my hometown."

The writer wanted to cheer, "Don't Fall, It's Not Over, Live, Be Happy."

Against the backdrop of warm Jeju Island, lively Jeju five-day market, and cold and bitter life stories of 14 people in a lyrical, sad, and sometimes exciting, cool and sophisticated way in the compressed format of omnibus.

The author of the drama 'Our Blues' is already famous in Korea, Noh Hee-kyung. She has written numerous dramas that are loved by Koreans and always shows a warm look at people in her work.

Actor Lee Byung-hun, who has already made his name known around the world through various films, and actor Lee Jung-eun, who performed impressively in the movie "Parasite," are attracting attention.

In the drama "Our Blues," Jimin of BTS participated in the OST and became a hot topic, and it is now available on Netflix.

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