The movie Old Boy is a thriller film starring Park Chan-wook, Choi Min-sik, Yoo Ji-tae and Kang Hye-jung based on a cartoon of the same name, the second of Park Chan-wook's revenge trilogy.

If director Bong Joon-ho has memories of murder, it is a movie that has been constantly analyzed and praised since its release to the extent that director Park Chan-wook has an Old Boy.

It is one of the rare masterpieces that will remain in Korean film history and is quite famous not only in Korea but also in the West, and is considered one of the representative works of the 2000s beyond the country.

Park Chan-wook's unique stimulating sequence and mise-en-scene are filled throughout the movie, overwhelming the audience throughout. It is so addictive, but there are also audiences who are repulsed by shocking materials.

A man named Oh Dae-soo (Choi Min-sik), who has a wife and a daughter, is released after 15 years in a private prison run by Park Chul-woong (Oh Dal-soo), the head of a gang, at the request of someone else.

The main story of the movie is that it reveals the identity of Lee Woo-jin (Yoo Ji-tae), a man who locked himself up with the help of a young chef Mido (Kang Hye-jung) and an old friend Noh Joo-hwan (Ji Dae-dae), who he met at a sushi restaurant.

Old Boy's OST is also mentioned when discussing Korean film music. It is also noteworthy that the title of all songs is derived from a classic movie.

Mido's theme song "The Last Waltz" and Woojin's theme song "Cries of Whispers" are the most famous. Music director Cho Young-wook was listed on the credits, so it was mistaken that the two widely known theme songs were directed by Cho Young-wook, but this is wrong.

Cho Young-wook is a music director, and in fact, three composers, Shim Hyun-jung, Lee Ji-soo, and Choi Seung-hyun, wrote all the songs. The most widely known is the composer Shim Hyun-jung, and the composer Cries of Whispers is Lee Ji-soo. Both songs are evaluated as works that make good use of the gloomy and tragic atmosphere.

The movie "Old Boy" swept the core categories at most of the film festivals hosted in Korea, and is famous for winning the Grand Jury Prize at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. At first, he went to the non-competitive category at the Cannes Film Festival and was honored to be in the competitive category, and eventually won the award. Although there have been several international film festival awards before, few films have been recognized for their box office success and cinematography at the same time as Old Boy

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