The group MONSTA X has released some of its tracks, raising expectations for a comeback.

MONSTA X posted a preview video of its 11th mini-album "SHAPE of LOVE" on its official SNS on the afternoon of the 25th.

The preview video, which is 4 minutes and 10 seconds long, begins with the members, who seem to have just finished preparing for the launch, harmonizing with the dazzling lighting. Since then, starting with the title song "LOVE," six tracks, including "Burning Up (Feat. R3HAB)" (Burning Up), "Breathe (Breed), "Wildfire," "I Love You" and "AND," have been organically intertwined, giving it a feeling like a music video.

First, the title song "LOVE" produced by Jooheon began, revealing the members' colorful visuals one after another. It then combined the catchy R&B guitar sound with an old-school feel and the rugged and groovy hip-hop base, heralding MONSTA X's unique intense colors and energy.

In addition, "Burning Up (Feat. R3HAB)," in which Hyungwon participated in writing, composing, and arranging, is an impressive song with retro-style sound and rhythm that excites the body, expressing burning flames by comparing the new beginning and excitement of love to flames. In particular, there was a trace of I.M's challenge to vocals in earnest, raising expectations further.

Through "Wildfire," he expressed the pain and suffering of a degenerated heart beyond the feeling of love. Jooheon's striking rapping and parts of the vocal lines consisting of English lyrics are mixed in a variety of ways to feel a different charm. In addition to Hyungwon, Jooheon, and I.M participating in writing and composing the song together, Hyungwon also raises expectations for MONSTA X's musical teamwork by listing the arrangement.

When the "I love you" music began, the members delivered bright energy with a comfortable and naughty self-cam video. Jooheon also wrote, composed, and arranged the song, expressing his overwhelming love for MONBEBE (fandom name).

Finally, through "AND," which I.M wrote, composed, and arranged, it gave a more heavy impression and echo. The images of the members in the black-and-white video captivated fans by leaving unforgettable lingering feelings and afterimage.

Attention is focusing on what kind of love MONSTA X, which has returned with its more colorful visuals and upgraded production skills, will sing with its first new song "LOVE" in five months.

MONSTA X will release its new mini-album "SHAPE of LOVE" on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 26th and begin its comeback activities.

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