The group Melomance will return with a new album next month.

Melomance's agency Abyss Company released its comeback poster on its official SNS channel on the 21st. The released poster is a mixture of colorful flowers as if reminiscent of a spring festival. On top of that, Melomance's new album name and release date were released, drawing attention from fans.

According to the poster, Melomance will make a comeback with its seventh mini-album "Invitation" at 6 p.m. on May 3. In particular, it further amplifies expectations for the new album, with phrases such as "warm and full of love songs without farewell" and "invitation to the Melomance Festival where a new movement begins at the end of the intermission."

Recently, MeloMance has been receiving a lot of attention for its OST "It Must Be Love" from the drama "A Man-in-A-House." "Maybe It's Love" is a song about Melomance's emotional voice and delicate piano performance that captivated listeners' ears as Melomance sang about the emotional change in excitement and happiness by participating in writing and composing.

Melomance, which debuted with its mini-album "Sentimental" in 2015, is steadily loved by music fans with various songs such as "Gift," "Confession," "Fairy Tale" and "Greetings." In addition, he has continued his music activities by participating in a number of OST works such as the drama "Mr. Sunshine," "Yumi's Cells," and "Because This Is My First Life."

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