The group LESSERAFIM is making us look forward to the launch of the complete group.

LESSERAFIM, joined by Sakura and Kim Chae-won from the group IZ*ONE, confirmed their debut date on May 2 and began their full-fledged move. LESSERAFIM, which has attracted attention with the joining of recognized members even before its debut, heralds the launch of a complete rookie with original content, colorful visuals, and high topics. In addition to this, global attention is focused on LESSERAFIM's debut as expectations of being the "First Girl Group of Hive" have been added.

LESSERAFIM will officially debut after releasing its first mini-album "FEARLESS" at 6 p.m. on May 2. We're all confident, so please look forward to it. "I'll practice hard and show you a good performance," they said, raising expectations with a full debut promotion.

LESSERAFIM received a hot response by unveiling its members and pre-promoting them until the 12th. The "The First Moment of LESSERAFIM" project, designed to commemorate the first meeting between fans and members, drew explosive attention. All 120,000 digital Subiniers, which combine photos, text, and audio of members, were quickly exhausted.

In particular, the LESSERAFIM promotion video "LESSERAFIM 2022 Pierce" released on the Hive Labels YouTube channel on the 11th received explosive attention, recording up to 100,000 simultaneous users at the time of its release. The video is set to record 2.5 million views as of 7 a.m. on the 15th. Pre-promotion alone has proven interest in LESSERAFIM.

LESSERAFIM is a team that has secured considerable recognition and popularity even before its debut with Sakura Miyawaki and Kim Chae-won, who were active as IZ*ONE. In addition to the two members, Kim Garam, Kazuha, Heo Yoon-jin, and Hong Eun-chae, who were released sequentially, all made us look forward to their attractive visuals as well as their skills. The six-member group, who took off the veil, is considered "perfect in appearance" by fans, making them look forward to the birth of the all-power center group.

Another reason why LESSERAFIM is expected to make a complete debut is that it is Hive's first girl group. LESSERAFIM is the first girl group launched by Hive and Source Music in cooperation, and in particular, Chairman Bang Si-hyuk of HYBE, who created BTS, is drawing attention at home and abroad as a general producer of his debut album. Bang Si-hyuk was also selected as the "2022 Billboard Power List" and the "Bloomberg 50" announced by Bloomberg News in 2021, with successful BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER and ENHYPEN. As it is currently leading the success of the K-pop market, it is significant that Bang Si-hyuk is in charge of HYBE's first girl group overall production.

In addition, creative director Kim Sung-hyun, who was in charge of BTS's visuals, was also named in the production team of Rcerafim. He has participated in planning BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER's album concepts, music videos, and artwork. Creative director Kim Sung-hyun is expected to join LESSERAFIM's debut, drawing complete visuals and storytelling.

Amid growing expectations for LESSERAFIM from the joining of Sakura and Kim Chae-won to the production of Bang Si-hyuk, interest in Korea as well as abroad is extraordinary. NME, a famous British music magazine, introduced LESSERAFIM as "a group that is expected even before its debut," and the South China Morning Post expressed expectations, saying, "It is a candidate to become the next K-pop representative girl group."

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