The group LESSERAFIM unveiled its second member. Born in 2005, Kim Garam is 170 centimeters tall and has a superior physique.

In the picture, Kim Garam caught the eye with her distinct features and clear and clear visuals. The video captured Kim Garam's chic and lively charm. Kim Garam showed a variety of poses and expressions while freely using props such as balloons, dolls, and trampoline.

The first girl group LESSERAFIM, launched in cooperation with Hive and Source Music, is scheduled to debut next month. Sakura Miyawaki, a former member of IZ*ONE, and Kim Chae-won are known to have joined the group, raising expectations. 

LESSERAFIM is a name that created "IM FEARLESS" in an anagram way, and contains self-confidence and strong will to move forward without fear without being swayed by the eyes of the world.

Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, who produced BTS, will be in charge of producing LESSERAFIM's debut album. With creative director Kim Sung-hyun joining the group, LESSERAFIM is predicting a high level of completion from its debut album.

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