Singer Lee Seung-chul signed an exclusive management contract with MLD Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as MLD).

On the 14th, MLD said, "We recently signed an exclusive management contract with Lee Seung-chul," adding, "We will spare full support to continue our active music activities in the future."

The exclusive contract was the first management contract signed by Lee Seung-chul in 33 years of activity, and was based on the strong trust between the two sides.

Celebrating the 36th anniversary of his debut this year, Lee Seung-chul is a legendary artist in the music industry with leading hits such as "Hee," "Don't Say Goodbye," "Mali Flower," "Western Sky," "There's No One Like That," and "My Love."

Lee Seung-chul, represented by various modifiers such as "The Emperor of Live," "God of Vocal," and "The Textbook of Vocal," is the best vocalist in Korea in name and reality, and has long been considered a role model and idol for junior singers.

Lee has long been loved by music fans for his vigorous music activities and perfect self-management, including thousands of concerts since his debut. In February, he was selected as the general producer (CP) of NHN Bugs and NHN Ticket Link.

MLD includes Group MOMOLAND, T1419 (T-Il Silgu), JT&MARCUS (JT & Marcus), and CocaNButter (Coca & Butter).

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