Tteokbokki is a Korean dish with rice cake noodles (thin garaetteok) as the main ingredient, and is one of the most representative street foods. Tteokbokki is a typical street food in Korea that is stir-fried with seasonings such as wheat cake, rice cake, fish cake, vegetables, and red pepper paste.

Tteokbokki is seasoned with red pepper paste, which is a traditional Korean seasoning, and seasoned with soy sauce, and in general, red pepper paste is the most representative form.

Gochujang tteokbokki, which is enjoyed in modern Korea, was developed right after the Korean War. It is said that tteokbokki, which was previously eaten in the royal court, was made by stir-frying beef marinated in soy sauce like rice cake.

Usually, red pepper paste tteokbokki, which is reminiscent of tteokbokki, usually uses red pepper paste and sugar to create spicy and sweet taste. Usually, it is mixed with seasoning such as red pepper paste and sweet sugar or starch syrup, then boiled down and stir-fried. Depending on the region, ingredients such as ketchup, pepper, and mustard are added to this to create a unique taste. In addition, there are cases where it is mixed with black bean sauce to create a savory taste of red pepper paste tteokbokki sauce, or mixed with curry.

Rice cakes are divided into wheat tteokbokki and rice tteokbokki depending on whether the main ingredient of rice cakes is made of rice flour or flour. When tteokbokki was first served, rice cakes made of flour, which became common after the Korean War, were used. Since then, many places have been used even after rice tteokbokki made of rice powder came out. Wheat tteokbokki has a very high viscosity of the tteokbokki sauce, and rice tteokbokki is characterized by maintaining elasticity even after boiling for a long time. Therefore, there are many places that sell a mixture of wheat and rice cakes. There is also tteokbokki made of rice cake made by mixing flour with starch powder, and it is more chewy and does not spread well. The color is yellow, but when cooked, it gets closer to white.

Depending on the type of seasoning added, there are various tteokbokki such as cheese tteokbokki, carbonara tteokbokki, jajang tteokbokki, curry tteokbokki, and rose tteokbokki, and there are endless seasonings that can be added. The most common red pepper paste tteokbokki also varies greatly depending on the mixture and seasoning.

In general, it is sold a lot at snack bars and street vendors, and it is common to eat it with other foods along with tteokbokki. In general, fried foods are eaten with tteokbokki sauce, and they are also served with gimbap and sundae.

It is well known as Korea's representative street food, but these days, luxury and diversification are being carried out in the process of globalizing Korean food, and branding based on know-how in recipes is also being carried out. More and more stores around the world are selling tteokbokki directly, including the first Korean-style red pepper paste tteokbokki at the home stadium of the NFL Houston Texans.

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