Bibimbap is a traditional Korean food that is mixed with various vegetables and soy sauce. It is usually made with meat, but it can also be made only with vegetables for vegetarians.

Bibida is a verb that means to mix different ingredients. Mixing the noun "bob" and the verb "bibida" creates a salivating word called "bibimbap." As the name suggests, bibimbap is a dish that is usually mixed with various vegetables, meat, sesame oil, and red pepper paste in a bowl of rice. Bibimbap has now become a common name for Korean food that is famous all over the world.

Bibimbap is the representative food of Korea that satisfies both taste and nutrition. Bibimbap makes up a balanced diet with low calories by filling a bowl with rice, meat, and fresh vegetables of various colors.

Bibimbap is based on rice, and there are no rules about what to put in vegetables and vegetables. It is basic to add seasonal vegetables every season.

The most important key to bibimbap is red pepper paste. Gochujang is one of the basic spices used in Korean cuisine, and it can be a little spicy for foreign tourists, so you should adjust the amount appropriately.

Many foreign tourists admire the beauty of the first set of bibimbap sold in Korean restaurants, and the placement of various colors on bibimbap is related to Korean traditional ideas.

Bibimbap is the food that best expresses the emotions of sharing and integration among Koreans for 5,000 years. Depending on the combination of seasonal ingredients and deep-tasting fermented sauce, bibimbap creates thousands of new flavors.

Bibimbap, which combines rice, vegetables, meat, and fermented sauce, contains rich nutrients of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber, making it a perfect nutritional balance. Bibimbap, which contains various ingredients in one bowl, is a representative dish that shows the harmony and balance of Korean culture.

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