Films filmed in Gangwon-do are invited to the Cannes Film Festival, drawing attention.

First of all, director Park Chan-wook's film "Resolution to Break Up," which was filmed against the backdrop of Sokcho Yeongrang Lake, was invited to the competition section of the Cannes International Film Festival. The Cannes Film Festival's executive committee recently announced an official invitation to the 75th annual festival.

The movie "Resolution to Break Up," which will be released in June, begins when a detective who investigates a fatal accident in the mountain meets the wife of the deceased. It stars Park Hae-il and Tang Wei.

Filming takes place on Beombawi Rock near Yeongrang Lake in Sokcho, drawing attention to how it will be expressed in the movie. Park Chan-wook will return to Cannes through his previous films "Old Boy," "The Bat" and "Lady." The film and "Broker," directed by Hirokazu Koreeda, were also selected as domestic productions for the competition.

In addition, actor Lee Jung-jae's directorial debut film "Hunt," which was filmed in Chuncheon and Goseong, was invited to mid-nine screening, a non-competitive category. It is also a work that supports the location of the Gangwon Film Commission with intelligence action that Lee Jung-jae starred in along with Jung Woo-sung, a "best friend combination."

The two actors played enthusiastically as ace agents of the Ministry of Security, who faced a huge incident in the process of questioning each other while chasing the head of the spy agency. Foreign media are also paying attention to the fact that it is Lee Jung-jae's first directing film that has raised awareness around the world with the Netflix original series "Squid Game." Chuncheon Deokman Tunnel, various parts of the city, and the site of the open set of Hwaamsa Temple in Goseong were used as filming sites.

Gangwon-do, Korea, is famous for having many tourist attractions because nature is well preserved in Korea. Also, there is a sea facing a high mountain, so the scenery is beautiful. Because of this, many dramas and movies are being filmed here.

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