Idol group Kingdom (Kingdom) has all killed the Amazon Music Chart in the U.S.

Ascension, the title track of Kingdom's fourth mini-album History of Kingdom: Part IV. DANN, topped five charts, including Amazon Music's Best-selling Digital Song Chart, Hot New Release Tea Music Songz, and Best-selling Digital Music International, on the 3rd (US time).

Kingdom is the only K-pop fourth-generation idol group that has topped five Amazon Music music charts.

Kingdom, which debuted in February 2021, has attracted attention by topping various overseas music charts, mainly in the United States, for each album released.

Kingdom's new album tells the story of the king and Dan fighting against enemies to protect the Kingdom of Change. It incorporates the firmness of the unwavering platform and the unique musical color of Kingdom throughout the album. Seungcheon is a Korean music Epic dance pop genre song that combines Korean traditional instruments with K-pop, including haegeum, Daegeum, Gayageum, and flute.

Kingdom is a seven-member group consisting of Jahan, Ivan, Arthur, Chiu, Dan, Louis, and Mujin. It is loved by global K-pop fans for its vast worldview and movie-like performance based on the theme of "The Seven Kings from the Seven Kingdoms."

GF Entertainment, the agency, said, "I'm so grateful to King Maker (fandom) around the world for always loving and supporting Kingdom every comeback," adding, "I'll look for various ways to repay your love."

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