Kim Se-jung successfully completed her first fan meeting in six years.

Singer and actor Kim Se-jeong held "KIM SEJEONG 1st FANMEETING SEJEONG's World Diary" at Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul on April 23.

Kim Se-jeong appeared in a light purple mini-dress reminiscent of a fairy in the forest, singing her hit song "Flower Road" to mark the splendid start of the fan meeting. Fans welcomed her with enthusiastic applause and cheers, and Kim Se-jeong was moved to tears from the opening.

In addition, Kim Se-jeong delivered sweet voices, explosive singing skills, and warmth sensitivity with various stages such as "Plant," "Tunnel," "Whale," "Skyline," and "Let's Go Home," which comforted and cheered listeners' hearts, and added band performances to impress them.

In addition, he performed a concert-like performance by providing OST medley such as "Amazing Rumor" OST "Reunion," "Crash Landing on You," OST "Legend of the Blue Sea," OST "One in One," and OST "I guess It's Love."

As the title of the fan meeting is "Sejeong's World Diary," Kim Se-jeong set up the stage in the form of sharing her diary with fans. Kim Se-jeong, who held her first solo fan meeting in about six years after her debut, communicated more closely and friendly with fans with not only a beautiful stage but also a sincere and witty talk.

In particular, Kim Se-jung directly received stories from fans and talked about "the moments when we comforted each other," delivering positive energy like vitamins and providing healing time. He also showed his sincere attitude toward music and acting, confessing his honest heart, and showing his sincerity as an artist.

In response, fans prepared a surprise slogan event during the "Maybe I Love You" stage and colored the scene with emotion, and Kim Se-jeong expressed her gratitude in tears. Kim Se-jeong said, "Thank you so much. I will be Sejeong who is always by your side," he said, promising to repay fans' support and love.

The fan meeting was broadcast live on the online platform KAVECON for fans around the world who cannot visit the site in person as well as offline, and Kim Se-jeong communicated with many global fans to reveal her extraordinary fan love.

Meanwhile, Kim Se-jeong has become the "next-generation Rocco goddess" through the recently ended "in-house confrontation." In the future, Kim Se-jeong will carry out various activities such as photo shoots and advertisements, as well as filming her next work "Today's Webtoon."

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