Singer Jung Seung-hwan's official fan club "US" 2nd fan meeting was sold out in 2 minutes, proving overwhelming ticket power.

The agency Antenna said, "Jung Seung-hwan's official fan club US 2nd fan meeting 'LET US MEET' sold out in two minutes with general reservations taking place at Interpark tickets on the 18th."

This fan meeting is the second offline fan meeting to meet with the fan club US (Earth) since the inauguration ceremony of the first US fan club in 2019, and will consist of a rich time with a colorful set list reminiscent of a concert and honest talk about Jung Seung-hwan's music and performances.

Prior to the ticket opening, Jung Seung-hwan talked about the songs and stages he wanted to hear at the fan meeting with fans through VLIVE, raising expectations for the fan meeting to the fullest. For fans who have not been able to see closely for a long time due to the pandemic, it is expected to satisfy the fans' five senses with a more upgraded stage at the last fan meeting through various fan events.

Jung Seung-hwan debuted with the title song "You Idiot" from his first album "Voice" in 2016, creating a number of ballad songs with unrivaled voices and mournful emotions such as "If It Is You," "Snowman," "Anytime, Anywhere," and "Dear."

In addition, Jung Seung-hwan is loved as a "growth artist" for his outstanding live performance and witty talk.

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