Actor Jung Ho-yeon has been cast as the lead actor in a Hollywood movie. Jung Ho-yeon will star in Joe Talbot's new film "The Governesses" and work with Johnny Depp's daughter Lily Rose Depp and Renat Jane Jeb.

"The Governments" is the second film to be joined by director Joe Talbot, who was highly acclaimed as "The Last Black Man in San Francisco," and famous American film producer and distributor A24.

The original novel of the same name tells the story of three rebellious governesses who inspire boys to turn over their working families, ignite the imagination of the Bohemian couple who hired them, and evade responsibility to enjoy erotic adventures.

Jung Ho-yeon, Lily Rose Depp, and Renat Reinzeb fill the play with rebellious tutors, respectively. Jung Ho-yeon's next film "The Governesses" is drawing attention with the support of BBC Films, which produced a number of masterpieces in Hollywood and produced "Billie Elliott" and "Brooklyn," featuring distinctly colored works such as "Moonlight," which won the Academy Award.

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