It was reported on the 7th that actor Jeon Do-yeon was injured while filming the Netflix movie "Gil Bok-soon" (director Byun Sung-hyun). Jeon Do-yeon was injured while filming "Gil Bok-soon," and the filming was suspended.

Jeon Do-yeon was treated at a hospital, and recently returned to the scene and resumed filming.According to his agency Management Forest, Jeon Do-yeon went to the hospital immediately after the accident, along with on-site emergency measures, for treatment and precision diagnosis, and there were no abnormal findings.

The agency said, "We have adjusted the filming schedule to stabilize the actor's mind and body, and we are sorry for causing concern." "Gilboksoon" is an action movie about the legendary killer of the contract killing industry, Gilboksoon, who died, killed, or became involved in an inevitable confrontation just before renewing his contract with the company. Jeon Do-yeon plays Gil Bok-soon, the title role who lives double as an ultra-A killer and a single mother.

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