Where is the end of Jamie's spectrum?

Jamie, who showed K-pop in the U.S. high-teen with his English single "Pity Party" on February 3, is attracting attention from domestic and foreign fans by showing his music color while steadily pursuing various transformation even in his 10th year of debut. Attention is also focused on Jamie's beginning and how far he will show in the future.

Jamie, who first met the public with his real name Park Ji-min through SBS's "Sunday Is Good - K-pop Star Season 1" in 2011, created numerous legendary stages with mature vocalization at the time, and the "Over the Rainbow" stage, which scored 299 out of 300, still remains in the hearts of many fans.

Jamie, who has been attracting attention as a strong candidate for the championship since the beginning of "K-pop Star," overcame the great pressure of fans' expectations and eventually won the championship, and later built a fandom by debuting in the music industry with his song in 2012. As Jamie, who boasted a fresh visual and deep sensibility, the public expected him to grow into a singer who could digest R&B (R&B) and ballad genres like singer Park Jung-hyun, but he missed it beautifully.

During her 10-year career from her debut to the present, Jamie has grown up by trying to change in music as much as her changed visuals. In addition to ballads with powerful voices, Jamie visited fans in various genres such as hip-hop and dance songs that depict strong charisma, and the public praised the public, "It's still clear that I broke the record in K-pop Star, and the hip stage is not awkward."

The aspect of the "voice color goddess" regardless of genre was even more prominent in JTBC's "Begin Again Open Microphone," which aired in 2020. Jamie, who performed cover songs such as "Wish You Were Gay," "Imagine," and "You Were Beautiful" on the show, added sexy beauty to the delicate emotional expression and received a hot response with a captivating voice as soon as he heard it.

Jamie's "hip" appearance, which gave him a sound as big as the original song with excellent interpretation of the song, was especially brilliant in Mnet's "GOOD GIRL: Who robbed the broadcasting station." Jamie, who opened the door with "Gangsta," gave an unexpected charm to the point of exclamation, saying, "Is that Park Ji-min?" and caught the eye with his strong voice on the beat.

Since then, Jamie has shown a bold concept by showing off his vocal skills through various broadcasts, such as breaking another legend through "WITCH" and completing a complete stage with a sexy voice from the introduction.

Starting with "Numbers (Feat. CHANGMO), which contains the desire to be valued as a musician's music, "Apollo 11 (Feat. Park Jae-beom)" which compares his new resolution to Apollo 11, and "Pity Party," which has created sexy and girl-crush charm, Jamie has been trying a different concept every time.

While attention is focused on Jamie's "hot" daily life as much as his "hip" performance, Jamie, who has grown up with the public from childhood to now as an adult, is expected to continue to play as a "real musician" who expresses himself through music.

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