Group Ive is continuing its meaningful move with good performance at the same time as its comeback. Five months after his debut, Ive is showing the true value of the complete group.

Ive released her second single "LOVE DIVE" on the 5th and made a comeback. Ive, who made his first step with his debut single "ELEVEN" in December last year, drew expectations from fans with his second activity in four months. Ive is aiming for two consecutive hits with a stronger record.

With his debut single "Eleven," Ive recorded an unusual record for a rookie, topping the music charts and long runs, as well as winning 13 gold medals in music programs. In particular, "Eleven" has achieved 100 million streams on Spotify, the world's largest music platform, and is receiving enthusiastic responses from global fans. It was a very meaningful performance as a rookie group in the 5th month of their debut.

"Love Dive" continues to be popular with "Eleven." The performance of the more solid composition, music, and sophisticated visuals improved the completeness of the stage. In addition, Ive's new transformation, which reinterpreted Cupid, is leading to a good response. Through this new song, Ive succeeded in firmly expanding their own worldview by delivering a confident and outspoken message to jump in whenever you have the courage to love.

This time, he is proving his interest and popularity in Ive with good grades. "Love Dive" settled in the top of the music charts shortly after its release and is recording a steady rise. The music video surpassed 10 million views on YouTube within 10 hours of its release, drawing explosive responses from global fans. Currently, 50 million views are just around the corner.

"Love Dive" also topped the weekly retail album chart in the 15th week of Gaon Chart. In addition, "Love Dive" entered 155th on Spotify's "Global Top 200" chart and rose to 51st in a day, setting a record of 104 steps. This is the highest point among the new K-pop female artists released in 2022, proving how hot global interest in Ive is.

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