The complete group Ive is continuing its move as a "global super rookie."

Forbes, a U.S. economic magazine, recently published a long article saying, "Ive continues to show the possibility of global growth with its second single, "Love Dive."

K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin said in the article, "In December last year, the new girl group Ive, who debuted under the spotlight of the world, returned to 'Love Dive'," adding, "Love Dive' settled in the top 10 of the Korean music charts and Billboard World Digital Song Chart."

In addition to the numerical aspect, Ive is showing his growth as an artist. If the debut song "Eleven" was about finding love and inspiration from others, the new single "Love Dive" balances the song based on self-love, said member Ray and Autumn continued to convey the group's message of self-esteem and proved the group's potential composition skills. "I feel that 'Love Dive' is a stepping stone to perfect growth from 'Eleven'."

Jeff Benjamin also noted the visual aspect. "From the most trendy fashion to the classic look reinterpreted by Ive, the members are presenting fashion that is pleasing to the eye and can be sympathized with the public," he said. "All of this leads to Ive, who is receiving various attention and love calls from various overseas partners during the media showcase." Ive added that their performance and fans are still the top priority, but it is clear that there will be a greater future for Ive."

Ive, which is receiving keen attention both in Korea and abroad, swept charts around the world, including Spotify, Billboard, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Line Music, and Tower Records, making global fans "love dive." In addition, the initial sales exceeded 330,000 copies and more than doubled from the previous product, proving its "record maker."

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