ITZY successfully held its first official fan meeting since its debut.

ITZY held a solo fan meeting "ITZY The 1st Fan Meeting "ITZY MIDZY, Let's Fly!" at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul at 5 p.m. on the 9th. This fan meeting is the first official fan meeting held by ITZY since its debut in February 2019, and it simultaneously hosted online paid live broadcasts through the Beyond LIVE platform as well as face-to-face format.

The members were thrilled to face the audience who filled the concert hall as they had a long time not seeing the fans in person due to COVID-19. Leader Yeji said, "I can't believe MIDZY is in front of us," and gave her first greeting to the fans. In particular, the youngest Yuna, who turned 20 in 2022, said, "Thanks to the three years with MIDZY, my adolescence shone. It's a great honor to say hello at the fan meeting," he said, expressing his affection to the fans who always cheered for him until he greeted adults.

The long-awaited meeting of ITZY and MIDZY, who promised to be friends for life, consisted of exciting corners and stages such as mini-concerts. Taking the idea that the group and fans were moving forward with faith in each other as if it were an adventure, the entire performance was prepared like an adventure game, and Ko Young-bae, the vocalist of the band Soran, had a good time. 

Games that succeeded in various quests along the adventure map and allowed you to feel the charm and talents of the five members, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna, provided fun. The performance, which is the strength of ITZY, the "4th generation representative girl group of K-pop," was also abundant. The group's signature songs are "DALLA DALLA", "ICY", "WANNABE", "Not Shy", "Mafia". A total of 13 songs, including "In the Morning" (Mafia in the Morning) and "LOCO" (Logo), have been performed to the highest level of satisfaction among online and offline audiences.

The first official fan meeting featured delicate sincerity. ITZY members produced a concept video of "ITZY who became MIDZY" in which ITZY members became fans, showing empathy and making fans smile as artists approach fan culture more closely. In addition, it has strengthened its meaning by preparing eco-friendly clappers that care about the environment. 

Unlike regular clappers, the clappers provided at the ITZY fan meeting were made of separately emission recyclable materials, 100% paper that did not use vinyl coating, making fans' support more meaningful. Characters with the individuality of the five members also appeared on the stage and were welcomed. The character "WDZY" dolls, which were introduced in collaboration with Line Friends in 2020, appeared, while Yeji enjoyed the game with the characters symbolizing each of the sweet potato cat "Hat," Lia is a sloth, Ryujin is a monkey "Tuk," Chaeryeong is a Gumiho "Cheong," and Yuna is a rabbit.

Fans who visited the concert hall also organized a surprise event for ITZY. When the members sang the fan song "MIDZY," the audience expressed their feelings with slogans, and at the same time, the pre-recorded songs with the fans' voices rang out like a group song, and ITZY said, "It was my dream to sing along, but I won't forget it." "It's the first time I've seen the light ring, the official cheering stick, actually filled the concert hall. I heard fans' cheers until the "ICY" activities, and I want to meet them in the future like this," and "I realized that MIDZY needs to be there to gain more strength and energy on stage." I want to make a lot of memories and experiences. I hope you'll always be by our side." "I thought I'd gotten used to being non-face-to-face, but when we met in person today, I realized that MIDZY is our greatest will." I sincerely thank you and I will grow more and more properly," she said in tears.

ITZY's first fan meeting peaked with new performances and music video releases. On the day of the performance, the youngest Yuna's 20th birthday, and to express her gratitude to domestic and foreign fans who love ITZY, she released the stage of the song #Twenty (Hashtag Twenty) from her first full-length album "CRAZY IN LOVE" for the first time. "#Twenty" is a hip-hop genre song that sings the excitement and excitement of just turning 20. The video of the song, produced in collaboration with Instagram Reels, has become a precious gift for fans around the world with its trendy elements such as reel UI and colorful effects.

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