Group BTS leader RM (RM) expressed his thoughts on haters (haters, people who speak ill of others, haters).

On April 8 (local time), RM broadcast live on BTS official V LIVE in Las Vegas. After finishing the BTS solo concert "BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE" at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, he started communicating with fans.

RM said of the new song he is working on, "I'm working on it. I don't know when it will come out this time, but I'm going to release it within this year. I really want to do well on that. I think I'll do it a lot differently and in a fun way with many people. I hope you look forward to it. It's going great. I think I'm making really cool and good music. I also have a high standard now," he hinted.

He also mentioned the noise caused by some haters after the "Grammys Awards" he attended on the 3rd. RM said, "In fact, we talked about how we felt in English at today's performance, and there were always people who loved us, including the love you gave us. It could be our fault, but there are many cases where it's not. There were always people who hated us, and there was no team that everyone liked."

"The fact that there are people who hate us, especially in the U.S., is a proof that we have come up to the main stream. Honestly, it's hard for ARMY to react to all the negative energy. I don't think you need to pay attention to each and every one by one. That's what they want. I ask you not to pay too much attention to such people because I want them to be attracted to them as aggs. But it's a waste of energy.

RM said, "If you don't like someone, I'll talk about it with music or say, 'That's not good,' or 'I don't like them either,' but to express it publicly is. They're people who can't mix with me and I don't think that's cool. And it's very easy to dislike. When you don't like someone, "I saw them today, and they're stinky." How easy it is to say 'weird'. But if you leave comments, those people will like it. I think it's good for our mental health if you don't wear it," he said.

BTS was always in the underdog position, RM said, "Always low batting. But each and every one of you gathered Won Ki-ok, so we came all the way here. Just do what we do as usual. I didn't say that they all recognized us, but we tried to make something meaningful and divide it into people whether it was music or performance, so I want to keep focusing on that energy and I don't look for it as much as I used to. Perhaps this time, there will be no such story (thoughts of the haters) in the next one. It's different in that time, but I want to use it to develop me and become a better person. So I hope (the fans) do that and I think we should work harder."

"There is a slight difference between fans and anti-fans, and there are more cases where anti-fans know inside out than any light (lightly liked) fan by Hater." Hating is something that requires energy. If we work hard, those people can become fans. If not, it's good. I talked to the members, but as always, it's just that," he said. "What I've been thinking about is, shouldn't we go back to where we were?" I'm more involved in the album production process and I'm more vocal. Now that my 30s are just around the corner, I have a lot of worries about how to lead, so I think we should talk more about this and that. It could be just my idea. I'm thinking about that a lot. Anyway, I will just work harder in the future, thinking about what I can do," he added.

He told the story that he couldn't even finish in English. "I hope you stay safe and happy. I just want you to focus on the positive vibe. I know it's difficult. Life is too short to focus on the negative. That's the story I want to tell. I love you. You're the only one. You've got us here."

"Many people misunderstand that BTS is just about seven boys," RM said. But we are a huge wave of diverse people. What they ignore is that various ARMYs gather together and are connected to the name BTS, he said, stressing that the relationship between BTS and ARMY is not a one-sided relationship, but an interaction. Although BTS may not be as good as the artists who create other great things themselves, BTS and ARMY also expressed their desire to focus on the fact that they are creating something special together.

RM, who met ARMY in person at the first concert in Las Vegas and felt once again that the relationship between BTS and ARMY was an encounter of souls from the heart, said, "We say it's fate in Korean." I don't know what it's called in English, but I think that's it.

Finally, "Life is unfair and there are a lot of bad luck. Happiness and joy are too short. We've met each other and we're making something nice together. This is all I want to say. Also, I think I talked about this too seriously, but I wanted to say this and that because it's been a while since we met. I wanted to say I love you. I'll go. I don't know what else to say. I'm scared of myself, too," he said.

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