Dakgalbi is Korea's representative stir-fried chicken, which is spread out thickly like a piece of cloth, marinated in a sauce made of red pepper paste, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, etc., and then fried on an iron plate with ingredients such as sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, green onions, and rice cakes.

It is a dish that cuts chicken into bite-sized pieces and stir-fried spicyly with various vegetables, and recently, it has been made familiar by adding ingredients that Western people enjoy, such as jalapenos, mozzarella cheese, and parsley, to suit Western tastes.

When Koreans think of dakgalbi, they immediately think of a city called Chuncheon because the origin of dakgalbi originated from a person who used to run a restaurant in Chuncheon.

At that time, it was difficult to get pork, so he said he would buy two chickens and cut them into pieces to make them like pork ribs, and after research, he spread chicken, marinated it, marinated it for 12 hours, grilled it over charcoal, and sold it under the name of Chicken Bulgogi.

Chuncheon City has been hosting the Dakgalbi Festival, which promotes Chuncheon's Dakgalbi every fall since 2005. The Dakgalbi Festival has been held simultaneously with the Makguksu Festival since 2008.

Dakgalbi is convenient to eat because it is only cooked by removing all the bones from the chicken, and the taste is spicy and sweet, so it has the charm of continuing to eat it.

Dakgalbi contains not only chicken but also many vegetables such as cabbage, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and carrots, so you can feel a variety of texture when you eat it, and if you cook additional glass noodles, you can eat spicy noodles together.

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