The rookie group ILY:1 will make its official debut.

ILY:1 released its debut album LOVE IN BLOOM on the 4th, signaling the birth of the global rookie in the music industry.

ILY:1 is said to perform not only the title song "Love in Bloom" but also the stage of "Azalea" at its debut showcase on its official YouTube channel at 6:30 p.m. on the day of its release, making fans eagerly wait.

"Bloom, Love" consists of four songs, including the title song "Bloom, Love." You can see the romantic concept and the charm of the six members. The title song "Bloom, Love" depicts the lyrics that say that the cherished love finally blooms with a dreamy melody.

ILY:1, who is taking its first step into the music industry, started Arirang TV's "Simplified Pop" after its debut showcase today (4th), and will start full-fledged music broadcasting activities.

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