Group iKON will return with a new album in about a year and a month.

YG Entertainment released iKON's "COMING SOON" poster on its official blog on April 11.

The poster had a strong impression with the red team logo, which symbolizes the icon, in a three-dimensional form. Underneath it, the phrase "NEW ALBUM" was engraved, raising fans' curiosity.

Global fans cheered, although no specific information such as the album's form or release date has been known yet. iKON raised fans' expectations by saying, "We have finished filming the music video for the new song," in a recent Naver V LIVE broadcast.

Furthermore, iKON confirmed that the concert will be held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park on June 25 and 26. The news of the new album raised the excitement index of fans as it was tantamount to a prediction of the setlist and stage for the performance to become richer.

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