Foreign media are also paying attention to director Lee Jung-jae's first directing film "Hunt" entering the Cannes Film Festival.

On April 14 (local time), the 75th Cannes Film Festival Executive Committee officially invited Hunt to the Midnight Screening section. Midnight Screening is a category that selects and screens works from genre films such as action, thriller, noir, horror, and fantasy.

Therefore, not only domestic but also foreign media are paying attention. Above all, actor Lee Jung-jae's first production debut with a megaphone has attracted many people's attention since he was invited to the Cannes Film Festival.

U.S. entertainment media Variety highlighted the fact that "Hunt," directed by Lee Jung-jae, a star of "Squid Game," will be screened in the midnight screening section of the Cannes Film Festival, and Deadline and the Hollywood Reporter also mainly covered Lee Jung-jae's invitation to the Cannes Film Festival.

TF1, a leading French media outlet as well as the U.S., proved its popularity by intensively analyzing director Lee Jung-jae's "Hunt" as "the attraction of the 75th Cannes Film Festival."

"Hunt" is a spy action drama in which Park Pyeong-ho (Lee Jung-jae) and Kim Jeong-do (Jung Woo-sung), agents of the Ministry of Security, who suspect each other to find hidden spies in the organization, face a huge incident called "Korea's No. 1 assassination operation." Lee Jung-jae played the role of a one-man multi-player, participating in the production of "Hunt" as well as in-depth acting as the main character Park Pyeong-ho.

"Hunt" will be released for the first time in the world through the 75th Cannes Film Festival, and will be released in the summer of 2022.

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