Attention is focusing on the soul of singer-songwriter GSoul.

GSoul, who debuted in the music industry in 15 years with "Coming Home" in 2015, has proved his long-time training with his skills and has occupied the public's playlist with his own black soul.

G-Soul has been working hard since her debut to repay her fans for waiting for her debut. From 2015 to the present, he continued to release songs such as "You," "Love Me Again," "Hate Everything," and "Natural," as well as participating in Mnet's "Voice Korea 2020" in 2020 with overwhelming skills, once again imprinted his name on the public. Since then, G-Soul has earned the modifier "natural talent + hard-working talent" by presenting soulful cover songs as well as his songs "Hate Everything" and "Natural" through JTBC's "Begin Again."

GSoul's music, which stimulated listeners' deep emotions with unrealistic soul, began to spread word of mouth at the same time as the release, emerging as a "masterpiece among masterpieces," and "Far Away," released in May 2016, made his music even more anticipated.

G-Soul, who is loved by the public for his solid fandom construction, is especially interested in other artists as he has the title of "Musician's Musician."

Among the cheers of numerous artists, BTS (BTS) Jungkook, in particular, drew attention by releasing a cover song of G-Soul's "Hate Everything" in February. On the day when Jungkook's cover song was released, "Hate Everything" to G-Soul's former activity name "Golden" appeared on Melon's popular search word, drawing explosive attention from the public.

In addition to this cover song, Jungkook has continued to express his interest in G-Soul's songs, such as recommending "Love Me Again" through his official SNS channel in 2015, which soon leads to public interest.

While G-Soul, who is providing empathy and healing to many people with his unique lyrics delivery and emotional expression, has recently held a concert "BLESSED with Clazz Orchestra," which combines R&B, hip-hop and orchestra for the first time, and spent a meaningful time with fans.

In addition, G-Soul, who communicated with fans and delivered warmth, recently held a total of four European concert tours, including Manchester, London, Paris, and Amsterdam, showing the potential to sell out tickets.

Attention is focusing on what color GSoul, which is producing numerous masterpieces with active production activities and a wide music spectrum, will capture the public's ears next.

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