"Batman" Ben Affleck (49) and world-renowned pop star Jennifer Lopez (52) engaged for the second time, attention is being paid to the price of green diamonds.

Lopez announced her engagement Tuesday in a short video on her fan newsletter "On The JLo." He looked affectionately at the diamond ring, which shone green.

"You're perfect," Lopez said amid romantic music.

"If it's really a green diamond, you'll be surprised," Page Six said in an interview with Diamond Pro CEO Mike Fried on the 10th (local time). Green diamonds of that size are incredibly rare. The ring could be worth more than $5 million and more than $10 million.

Lopez said in a fan newsletter, "I always used to say green is a lucky color. Maybe you can remember a particular green dress. I realized that there were many amazing moments in my life when I wore green clothes.

Earlier this week, a photo of Lopez with her 14-year-old daughter Emmy wearing a ring on her wedding finger while shopping in Culver City, Los Angeles, sparked rumors of an engagement.

Insiders close to Affleck recently told Page Six that they would not have been surprised if he had proposed again.

Meanwhile, the U.S. media "Good Housekeeping" estimated that Affleck's wealth was $400 million (about 490 billion). The media said, "According to Celebrity Networth. Ben Affleck's net worth will be $150 million. And this sounds like a 'small' amount considering how much money a movie earns. He's paying a lot of money, overhead, and taxes. The $150 million is the amount that Ben Affleck has left in the bank after he runs out of his guarantee. This is only a fraction of what he has earned over the years," he explained.

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