With Netflix and Disney+ in the two major ranges of online video services (OTT), Apple TV+ has emerged as a dark horse as it has succeeded in global box office success with "Pachinko."

Pachinko, a global project drama, is the main character who quickly raised Apple TV+ recognition, which lost its domestic debut. Based on the New York Times bestseller of the same name, the drama started with "Forbidden Love" and drew four generations of Zainichi's survival stories in Northeast Asian history and colonial rule between Korea, Japan, and the United States.

Pachinko topped the Kinoritz OTT integrated rankings as of March 29. Despite the controversy over actor Jinha, who started on the day of his release, he was evaluated for his solid story and delicate directing, and quickly became a box office hit. The strategy of releasing the first episode for free on YouTube for about a week from the day of its release also worked. A week after its release, YouTube views were 5.94 million, proving high expectations.

The response from overseas is also hot. U.S. entertainment media Variety reported on the 28th (local time) that "Pachinko" ranked fourth on the Twitter TV series trend chart for a week from the 21st to the 27th.

Pachinko, who won 109,600 engagement on the same day, was evaluated as the fourth film of interest after the 94th Academy Awards (ABC), Britain (Netflix), and Moon Night (Disney+). In particular, Pachinko was re-examined as Yoon Yeo-jung, the winner of the previous year's best supporting actress award for Pachinko's role as a seonja at the Academy Awards, awarded Troy Coacher, another actor of Apple TV+'s original "Coda."

On the American critique site Rotten Tomato, the freshness index evaluated by critics was 98 percent and the popcorn index evaluated by the public was 93 percent. Another criticism site IMDb scored 8.4 out of 10. Of a total of 1,395 users, as many as 60% gave perfect scores.

Not only BBC and CNN, but also foreign entertainment media such as Hollywood reporters and variety shows praised Pachinko. The BBC praised, "This story is unrivaled in the recent series as it contains the passionate yet restrained emotions of actors, the elegance of time-changing narratives, and the artistry and imagination of amazing visual beauty."

In particular, CNN evaluates that even though Korean, Japanese, and English are mixed here and there, the subtitles are neatly organized to increase the immersion of the play. Solomon, the grandson of a poor Korean-speaking Zen, speaks Japanese words between conversations, reducing viewer confusion by classifying heterogeneous languages by color.

Christine Baldwin, the top critique of the U.S. criticism site Rotten Tomato, also said, "I learned more about Korea-Japan relations through the story of Zenja than the higher education I received for four years." It is evaluated that it even has an educational aspect by unraveling the painful history of the nation through the story of Zen.

The opening sequence, which shows the opposite of the heavy drama, is also a hot topic. Some netizens responded positively, saying, "Pachinko is the first drama to finish the opening without fast forwarding every episode." It is explained that the bright expression of the character, which was not seen in the play, calms the heart.

Pachinko, which consists of eight episodes, released its fourth episode the previous day. In this episode, "Seonja (Kim Min-ha)" in youth and "Seonja (Yoon Yeo-jung)" in old age show stronger immersion than ever, capturing the moments and changes of choice.

Seon-ja, who previously helped her mother Yang-jin (Jung In-ji) make a living in her hometown of Yeongdo, Busan, opens her eyes to another world through a fateful encounter with Han Soo (Lee Min-ho). However, soon, due to Hansu, he will face a great ordeal, and he will be offered a new start by Isaac (Roh Sang-hyun), who will stay at the boarding house.

In the following episode 4, it captures the appearance of a young seonja who makes up her mind to live a decent life without shame, and the moment when she faces a big change in life due to her choice. Meanwhile, Seon-ja (Yoon Yeo-jeong), who lives in Japan in the 1980s, also decides to visit her hometown again and heads to Yeongdo, Busan, with her heart-fluttering appearance.

Pachinko, which has emerged as content that will follow the drama "Squid Game" and the movie "Parasite," will release one episode every Friday, ending its eighth episode on the 29th.

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