Girl's Day Yura has established herself as an actress. He naturally melted into the character and began to be reevaluated as an actor by playing the role of Chae Yoo-jin, a weather reporter, in JTBC's Saturday drama "People in the Meteorological Agency: In-house Relationship Cruelty" (directed by Cha Young-hoon, scripted Sun-young, abbreviated as "People in the Meteorological Agency").

Yura convincingly drew the narrative of Chae Yu-jin, who agonizes between reality and ideal. It drew a lot of sympathy by playing a character who might be in reality in three dimensions. She is said to have played a convincing role in her achievements as a journalist, her sense of purpose, and her dream of forming a family as a woman.

Yura said, "It was a happy time to feel various emotions through Chae Yu-jin. I learned a lot while working with not only the character Yujin, but also our director, writer, and all actors, and I think this time will be remembered as a precious memory," he said adding, "I am sincerely grateful to viewers who have laughed, cried, and sympathized with the Meteorological Administration." We will continue to make efforts to show better performances."

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