Gimbap is the easiest meal replacement in Korea. Gimbap is a very popular food when you want to have a simple meal or as a snack to forget your hunger, but there are several reasons why it is a little special to Koreans.

Gimbap is a food that is cut after wrapping rice with seaweed. It is a food that is rolled up with rice and ingredients after covering it with seaweed. In most cases, they are cut individually, but in some cases, they are just eaten like Chungmu Gimbap.

The ingredients in the roll are various, such as spinach, pickled radish, eggs, and ham, and when you make and eat them yourself, you can also include your favorite ingredients.

There are many theories about the origin of gimbap, but it is generally believed that it originated in the Kansai region of Japan. It came to Korea during the Japanese colonial period and became Korea's representative food as Korean native ingredients were added.

In Korea, there are tens of thousands of stores that specialize in gimbap, and you can easily access gimbap on the street. As such, gimbap is a familiar and close food to Koreans.

The reason why gimbap is special to Koreans mentioned above is related to memories of childhood. Gimbap is a must-have item in school picnics, school sports events, and train trips with friends.

Every Korean has a memory of eating gimbap made by his mother at least once on a school picnic, so gimbap is also a food that reminds Koreans of their childhood memories.

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