"Thank you for making us shine tonight, too!"

BTS(BTS) V filled the Las Vegas Allegiant Stadium with loud shouts and presented an unforgettable night to male fans.

On the third day of BTS's Las Vegas PTD concert on the 16th (Korea Standard Time), V, who went out to make an ending comment, was surprised that a large number of male fans visited the concert hall and asked them to speak out. When V shouted "Gentlemen make some noise!" after inducing female fans to shout, the concert hall was filled with a loud shout that would have only been heard in the military consolation performance.

When male fans were caught on a large electronic display, an explosive reaction followed, and V and the members responded more loudly and expressed joy and gratitude for their existence.

At the BTS concert hall, various fan groups of all ages, gender, race, and age gather. Just as BTS itself has risen beyond all prejudices and barriers to its current position, fandom ARMY has been discriminated against as an immature polar fan just because they like K-pop.
Male fans of Asian boy bands are the most lonely of all. As soon as they proudly showed their presence in response to V's call, all fans in the concert hall cheered in unison, and a true festival venue was held where everyone became one through music and BTS.

After the performance, many male fans left their impressions of the day as reviews on SNS.

Fans said, "BTS recognized me as a male ARMY. People laugh at me for liking BTS, but last night they looked at me and said I was an important person. I'll never forget this moment," "some people think men can't like boy bands. I was so happy to hear that they liked us today," he said, "I felt recognized and loved by BTS and ARMY."
"When they call ARMY, I know I'm singing with them. However, when Taehyung called me and male ARMY specially, my heart was really fluttering. Thank you for recognizing us Tae-tae", "Tae-hyung, who made all our male ARMY shine tonight, was really cool," many fans thanked V.

During the performance, Las Vegas was purple and became Borahaegas. It is also V who made a new term "Borahae" to mean "Let's trust and love the other person for a long time" and presented a special symbol to the fandom.
V, who proved the diversity of his fandom and voiced his male fans, created another record moment that night that would go down in ARMY's history.

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