Singer PSY showed off his robustness as a 22-year-old singer with abundant attractions and exciting music with "Ssada 9."

Psy released "Ssada 9" on domestic and foreign online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 29th. Psy previously held a listening session for the release of his 9th full-length album "Ssada9" at 2 p.m. in Fairmont Ambassador Seoul in Yeouido and officially announced his comeback activities.

"Ssada 9" is the title of the album that brings out Psy's cheerful emotions and means "Psy's colorful 9th album." Psy released a total of 12 songs in this album with strong artwork images, showing extraordinary affection and confidence.

The album includes the title track "That That" (prod. &ft. SUGA of BTS), "Celeb," written by Psy and Zico and featured in Suzy's music video, "Feat. Sung Si-kyung," "Feat. Sung Si-kyung," and "Feat. Fate." The songs together were included in "Cheap 9."

It also contains a total of 12 songs, including "9INTRO," which sings about natural clown life, "My Monday," which will resonate with all the adults in the world who worked with Giriboy, "Everyday," and the last track for all of us living without answers.

Psy introduced official videos of major songs one by one through a listening session.

Celeb, which was completed with its cheerful rhythm and Psy's signature group dance with Suzy, was impressive in that it was simply a music video full of various attractions. Even if Suzy did not participate in the vocals herself, there were many scenes where Suzy lip-synced Psy's melody, and her perfect presence as a celebrity in the music video made viewers admire. Psy introduced the song and said, "I want to express my deep gratitude and apology to Suzy. Suji is pretty even when I look at her again," she repeatedly thanked her.

"GANJI" with Jessie added a feeling of "coolness" as the title suggests, as the compact performance video contained in fast wrapping and vertical video of the trap genre. Jessie also maximized her powerful charm with her powerful presence and enormous volume as much as Psy's heavyness.

"Happier" was introduced by Psy as a song that Crush made with Psy before joining the current Finnation. Psy said, "I realized that it was not natural to take it for granted during COVID-19," and introduced it as a numb and painful song with the meaning of happiness. Through the animated video, it was as touching as Psy's other hit number "Father."

MAMAMOO's Hwasa's "Now" was also completed with a vertical video and started with a newtro-like sound, and Hwasa's unique hip charisma completed an exquisite synergy in Psy's signature group dance. In particular, one of the things to see is the sexy point of wearing a tight jumpsuit that reveals the entire body and showing a solo performance in a seductive pose.

BTS About "That That," which is expected to draw attention from ARMY around the world with Suga's co-production, Psy said, "Suga was taking a meaningful step as a producer Min Yoon-ki, and he contacted me that he wanted to produce me.

As soon as I heard it, I thought, "It's so good," and I thought I should stop EDM-based dance, and I wished it was Latin dance, but I gave it the accompaniment." The fast tempo "That That" completed based on Latin was impressive with Psy and Suga's comical and tremendous chemistry. The cheerfulness and grandeur that could be put forward as the title of "Ssada 9" was a great advantage.

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