Girl group Dreamcatcher is showing an upward trend with its second full-length album. Dreamcatcher (Jiyu, Sua, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, Gahyeon) released its second full-length album "Apocalypes: Save us" on the 12th.

This album is the first new album in nine months and the first full-length album in two years, drawing much attention for its new worldview and message.

The title song "Maison" is a song that conveys a message to "You," which is not overshadowed by the act of destroying the environment, and its intense sound is impressive around the distortion base that starts with the intro.

Dreamcatcher, which has attracted domestic and foreign fans with a clear concept, has set another milestone with this album. The album topped the iTunes Top Album Chart in 20 regions including the U.S., and also topped the iTunes K-pop Album Chart in eight regions including the U.S.

In particular, it is the fifth girl group to reach the top of the U.S. top album chart, and the first record among Korean girl groups active this year.

In Korea, it also ranked first on Bugs Music's real-time charts, and recorded good results by ranking high on various music sites.

Dreamcatcher has been pursuing differentiated concepts since its debut and has firmly established fandom at home and abroad. Rock metal, which was considered a non-mainstream in terms of music genre, was put at the forefront and even the fan base who was not interested in K-pop was targeted.

Also, the message of music left a deep impression. The first "Nightmare" series featured various stories, highlighting the stress of modern people. In the subsequent "Distopia" series, various thoughts were solved with the motif of random rumors, malicious comments, and witch hunts rampant on the Internet.

As such, Dreamcatcher created a lot of sympathy among listeners by melting the theme that modern people can feel with their skin into the fantasy worldview.

The same is true of this album. The theme that Dreamcatcher chose this time is environmental destruction. Yoo Hyun, a member of the group, said, "It's a topic that should be most alert, especially in this era," explaining why he chose environmental destruction as the message of this album.

Each member's capabilities have also steadily risen. In addition to the powerful performance that only Dreamcatcher can show, all seven members boasted a sense of development enough to include their own songs in the album.

Expectations are high for future activities to see how far Dreamcatcher, which showed another growth through this album, will be able to go up in the upward trend.

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