Dreamcatcher, a girl group that has a unique worldview, attempted to transform itself again with its second full-length album "Apocalypse: Save us," which filled 14 songs.

"Apocalypse" means the end, destruction, disaster, etc.," Dreamcatcher said in a showcase for the second full-length album online on the afternoon of the 12th. "The earth, the home of our human lives, is being destroyed and sickened. It's an album that warns you about how it's getting ruined."

They rejected the existing girl group concept, which is divided into pride or cuteness, and have captivated K-pop fans around the world with a series of sometimes dark and sometimes bizarre colors since their debut in 2017.

In particular, in the idol market where pop and hip-hop are based, metal-based songs were introduced, drawing attention from overseas.

The "Apocalypse" series is their third series after "Nightmare" and "Distopia," and is planned as a trilogy.

DREAMCATCHER refused to be ordinary and showed off his unique color with his unique message. The name of the album, which means "end," is unusual, and the title song "MAISON" deals with the heavy theme of environmental destruction instead of common love and separation.

"I know it's too late when you regret the invisible future," DREAMCATCHER said over the heavy sound of the song. "It's strangely hot, isn't it? The laws of this planet are just like your dry conscience," he says, pinching those who don't care about environmental damage and climate change.

At the same time, "Please someone fight for us" ends the song with an appeal, asking to protect our home in the jungle, polar regions, sea, and desert.

"Maison" means home in French, and the earth we live in is losing its original shape by human hands, Yoo Hyun said. "It's a song that contains the message of Dreamcatcher to humans who destroy the environment."

In addition to "Maison," the second full-length album includes "Locked Inside A Door," which contains a willingness to live as myself without meeting other people's standards, and a ballad "For You," which features beautiful melodies.

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