Group DKZ recorded 100,000 album sales for the first time since its debut.

According to Hanteo Chart, a domestic record sales website on April 19, DKZ broke its own record by recording 107,965 initial sales (from April 12 to April 18) with its sixth single "CHASE EPISODE 2. MAUM" released on the 12th.

This is about 100 times higher than the 1,244 copies recorded by DKZ's fifth single "CHASE EPISODE 1. GGUM." On top of that, in the 3rd week of April (April 11th to April 17th), which includes the release date, he recorded 84,163 sales, ranking second after ONEW's "DICE," which sold 94,593 copies.

Prior to the release of the sixth single, DKZ boasted that pre-orders alone rose more than 30 times from the previous initial sales, surpassing 63,000 copies in five days of pre-orders, signaling career high.

In addition, as of 11 p.m. on the 18th, the number of views on the music video of "Love Thief" exceeded 1 million views, ranking 25th in YouTube's popularity, captivating fans at home and abroad.

Upon its comeback, DKZ entered the real-time charts on domestic music sites with its new song "Love Thief," as well as showed its presence as a full-time idol by decorating the cover of K-POP Rising on Spotify, the world's largest music platform.

DKZ (Kyung-yoon, Se-hyun, Mingyu, Jae-chan, Jong-hyung, and Ki-seok), who perfectly met the public's expectations, has maintained a balance between new changes and initial intentions since the reorganization of its members, creating a refreshing twist in the music industry as "boys who know how to play."

DKZ, which is writing its own new record, stands out in various broadcasts. DKZ, who appeared on SBS PowerFM's "2 o'clock Escape Cultwo Show" and KBS Cool FM's "BTOB's Kiss the Radio" on the 17th, is showing the essence of "Refreshing Idol" through music programs, followed by MBCM's "Weekly Idol" on the 20th.

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