Director Park Chan-wook's "Resolution to Break Up" and director Koreeda Hirokazu's "Broker" were officially invited to the competition section of the 75th Cannes International Film Festival. Actor Lee Jung-jae's first production, "Hunt," entered the non-competitive category.

The Cannes Film Festival's secretariat held an official press conference on the 14th (Korea Standard Time) and announced the invitations for this year's festival.

First of all, the new Korean film "Resolution to Break Up," directed by Park Chan-wook, who was selected by Khan for the films "Old Boy" and "Bat," was officially invited to the competition. "Decision to Break Up" is the first new film directed by Park Chan-wook in six years since the movie "Lady." It is a work that depicts what happens when a detective who investigates the death case in the mountain meets the wife of the deceased and feels suspicion and interest at the same time, starring actors Park Hae-il, Tang Wei, Lee Jung-hyun, Ko Kyung-pyo, and Park Yong-woo.

Park Chan-wook said, "It's good news for everyone who participated in 'Decision to Break Up' after entering the Cannes Film Festival competition. It feels more special because it is a film festival that participates in the situation where the pandemic has not ended. We've had plenty of time to think about the meaning of collective viewing at the cinema. In this section, I'm going to watch as many other movies as I get the chance and give them a standing ovation for longer than anyone else," he said.

Hirokazu Koreeda, who directed the films "Becoming a Father" and "A Family," was also officially invited to the competition section of the 75th Cannes Film Festival. Director Hirokazu Koreeda's first Korean film "Broker" depicts the story of people who have become involved in a relationship around a baby box that is designed to allow people who cannot raise children to leave their children anonymously. Actor Song Kang-ho, Kang Dong-won, Bae Doo-na, Chungmuro, and singer IU have attracted a lot of attention even before the production.

Actor Lee Jung-jae's first directing film "Hunt" entered the non-competitive Midnight Screening category. "Hunt" is the first production by actor Lee Jung-jae, who is receiving worldwide attention for his Netflix original series "Squid Game." "Hunt" is a spy action drama in which agents Park Pyeong-ho (Lee Jung-jae) and Kim Jeong-do (Jung Woo-sung) of the Ministry of Security are confronted with a huge truth while chasing the head of the South Korean spy. Lee Jung-jae led the film not only directing but also starring. He also drew attention by working with his best friend Jung Woo-sung 22 years after the movie "No Sun."

Director Lee Jung-jae, who made his debut as a director and officially invited the Cannes Film Festival Midnight Screening, said, "First of all, thank you for the Cannes Film Festival. It's a great honor to do the first screening of your debut work in Cannes. I think today's results are due to the passion of the production team and the efforts of the actors who performed with all their might. Thank you for your interest and support, and I look forward to a good response at the Cannes Film Festival," he said.

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