Singer PSY will connect the heat of the "Humming Show" with a new music source.

PSY, the head of PNATION, released a teaser video and representative image of "Everyday," the 10th track of his 9th full-length album "Cheap 9," on his SNS on the morning of April 17.

Everyday, the second song in the album to be released, is an intense EDM genre song written and composed by Psy. Psy's character wearing sunglasses and headphones in the representative image, and illustrations visualizing cool sounds predict the exciting atmosphere of "Everyday."

The teaser video consisted of a live performance of "The Humming Show," one of Psy's flagship brand concerts. Psy's colorful stage production, like the "God of Performance," including water cannons and firecrackers, attracts attention even in short videos.

Above all, Psy and the enthusiasm of the audience, who enjoy the performance as one, provide vicarious satisfaction to many people in 2022.

If the teaser video of the first track "Happier (Feat. Crush)" released the previous day heralded a touching story, this "Everyday" raises expectations for the composition of the entire album of "Cheap 9" in another dynamic mood.

Psy's 9th full-length album "Cheap 9" will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 29th.

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