The group MONSTA X will make a comeback with its 11th mini-album "SHAPE of LOVE" on the 26th. Expectations are rising for the comeback of MONSTA X, who returned with high-quality music for five months after successfully completing their activities by winning five awards in music programs with the title song "Rush Hour" of their previous work "NO LIMIT."

As revealed in the album name "SHAPE of LOVE," the new album contains various messages about love. The theme is myself, MONSTA X's music, and love for fans.

If you look at the track, the song name is full of love. The title song "LOVE" is a song with a love message that says I want to give everything to my fans without hiding my feelings that I like like like a child, and I can feel MONSTA X's love for my fans. The track "I Love You" is also expected to give a great impression by revealing the overwhelming feelings of love for MONBEBE (fandom name)

Starting with "GAMBLER" activities, MONSTA X has stood out as a talented self-produced idol who produces title songs. The title song "LOVE" also clearly captures the musical colors of MONSTA X by participating in Jooheon's lyrics, composition, and arrangement, just like his previous works.

The names of the members stand out in the credits of many of the tracks. Hyungwon participated in "Burning Up (Feat. R3HAB)" and I.M. participated in the lyrics, composition, and arrangement of "AND" to enhance the completeness. On top of that, high expectations are also high for the track "Wildfire," which was created by three people with distinct musical personalities.

MONSTA X, which has 13 albums released in Korea up to 3 full-length albums and 10 mini-albums, is a "hard-working idol" who has continued his music activities throughout his eight years of debut and a sample of "growth idol" who is growing stepwise. As MONSTA X, which is showing irreplaceable influence as a "trust-listener" group that has captivated the global market beyond Korea, questions are rising about what other infinite possibilities they will have in their new album.

In addition, attention is focused on how global fans will respond to the love message that MONSTA X will throw with its new album "SHAPE of LOVE" on the 26th.

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